The Importance of Staying on Time

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Make the Most of Your Time to Realize Your Goals

Making the most of your time and optimizing the minutes you spend is essential to small-business success. You don’t want to be someone who loses track of the hours and minutes. You want to be a business person who is punctual instead. Make the most of the time-space continuum to realize your goals and obtain an optimum return on the money you spend and make.

Make it a Point Not to Be Late

One survey, conducted by CareerBuilder online, showed that about 15% of U.S. workers were tardy at least once a week. Unfortunately, when you are late, and you are the manager, you can start a chain reaction where other workers start to follow your lead.

Let’s say you own an Eastlake, CA pool cleaning and service company like this company – for example. The home slash pool owner calls and schedules an appointment. You tell them you will be there a eleven o’clock sharp and they take time  out of their busy day to be there to meet you. Or maybe they even had to take a little time off of work to meet you and you show up late…. It surely does not make you and your pool company look too good.

Punctuality Denotes Professionalism

However, when you make it a point to stay on time, the message you send to your workers and customers is very positive. By being punctual, you convey the message that you are honest and reliable. Not only that, you also project an image that is committed and professional.

Being Late Can Cost You

Again, avoid being late as doing so creates a division between you and other people – one that can lead to less in the way of a work ethic and morale. Being late can lead to all sorts of unwanted developments, including stress, poorer business performance, and a loss of employees or customers. Your personal budget can be jeopardized too. According to researchers, if you are consistently late, it can cost you, over a period of a year, one week’s salary.

An Increased Bottom Line

Time is money – so make sure you stay on track and on time. Make it a point to arrive ten minutes ahead of appointment times or deliver products or services in a similar fashion. Punctuality is one of the key components in realizing an increased bottom line.

Tips for Small Business Success: Interacting with Others

Become an Expert Online

Starting up a business can be a challenge today. However, entrepreneurs also have a great opportunity to reap rewards financially, especially since they can use the Internet to make money. One of the ways that a small business person can highlight his company’s services and products is by becoming an online expert.

Share Your Products and Services

Becoming an expert will enable you to share what you know with current and potential customers and drive sales as a result. Online interaction engages people, and that engagement will give you the edge you need to present your company in the best possible light.

Check out this video for some expert tips:

Market to a Defined Segment

In addition to becoming an expert, it’s important to provide your existing customers with excellent customer service. Making sure your customers are happy is the surest if not quickest way to prosper in the business community. Just make certain you target those people who can use and appreciate what you are promoting. Don’t waste time on individuals who really cannot be served by or cannot use your company’s offerings.

Place to look to expand your social media efforts:

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are some of the main players you should definitely look to expand and have a presence on!

Keep Everything in Balance

Today, business is all about the relationships you establish with your base of customers – shift your focus from widgets and manufacturing then and look at the people who will benefit from using your products or service. That means equalizing out business life and personal time to realize better productivity and a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.


Why You Need A Business Plan

If you are considering opening a small business then you need to watch this video before taking any further steps. Having a business plan is a must before you begin spending money on licenses, leases or anything else business wise.

In addition if you plan on getting a business loan to finance some of the operations then you will not even be considered for a small business loan without a business plan in hand.

Watch this video provided to get an idea of what you will need and where to get business plan tools to help you!

Once you have watched the video visit the the SBA website to get started with your business plan. Again it will be needed before getting loans and will protect any business partners that may be investing in the business.