Rush Runch


The Rush Ranch Plant Guides are a resource designed to lead anyone who has a desire to enjoy the great variety of plant life at Rush Ranch to some of the most interesting specimens.  The various Guides can be printed directly from this web site.  Color is limited to the plant images in order to conserve ink on color printers. 

The plant guides cover an area that can be walked in about two hours.  In the summer, we recommend normal outdoor activity precautions i.e.., hats, sunscreen, bug spray, drinking water, etc.  We advise against walking in the marsh, except on clearly marked trails.  There is the possibility of wandering into a soft area.  If in doubt, consult the map associated with the plant guide you are using.

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You should also be aware that during, and for several hours after High Tide, the trail West of the Docent teaching area (Indian Village)  can be wet.  Check the culvert on that trail for the current water conditions. Tidal outflow is to the North (Fairfield).  Tide information can be found by following the links on the "Weather Conditions section" on our homepage (-> Marine forecast -> tides).

Children should be kept under close supervision of a responsible adult, it's often fun to make up guessing games and other fun activities to help remember plant names.

Rush Ranch Plant Guides are prepared by Michael Tayton, Content and Plant Identification; and, Jenniger Ruberd, Web Site Development and Digital Imaging.